Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cancer Free

I received a phone call from Dr Lee's office today and was told the results from the tests that were done on my prostate and some biopsy samples that were taken from the area.  The results were the best that I could have hoped for.  There were no signs of any cancer in the samples tested. 

There were cancer cells in about 25% of my prostate  and the cancer was limited to the surface area,  I had what is called stage 1 cancer.  This means that the cancer cells closely resemble normal cells and the prostate did not have any lumps or rough surfaces.  As of September 21st,  I am now cancer free.  Of course for me there is no such thing as being completly cancer free.  I will have to be tested for cancer every six months with a PSA test however I cannot ask for anything more.

Now I am focused on recovering from the surgery and again I could not ask for better results.  I really feel almost 100% recovered and feel that I can do anything I want to do.  The reality is that the internal healing will take at least two months to complete so I don't intend to push myself too hard for a while.  I am not on any medication nor am I scheduled to take any medication. 

I think I will sleep a bit better going forward!!!

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