Monday, September 5, 2011

New Date for My Surgery

This past week I received a call from Dr Lee's office informing me that one of his scheduled operations for September 21st had been postponed and they wanted to know if I would be interested in moving my operation up from the 30th to the 21st.  I of course  said "yes", the sooner I get this cancer out of me the better.  So I am now scheduled for September 21st.

Like everything else in life this is not as easy as just changing the date.  Before Dr Lee will operate on me he needs to have my family doctor, Dr Warren, sign off on my fitness to be operated on.  I also have to have some blood work done that will act as a baseline for my future blood tests.    All of this has to be completed within 30 days of my operation and the paperwork must be in Dr Lee's office two weeks before the operation.  The blood work will not be a problem since I can go down to the health campus and have this done this week.  Getting Dr Warren's sign off is a bit more complicated.  I did have an appointment with Dr Warren on September 9th but this is less than 2 weeks before the scheduled operation.  I could not get my appointment with Dr Warren moved up however Dr Lee's office has agreed to waive the 2 week requirement for Dr Warren's approval. 

Hopefully everything will go as scheduled and I will be back home, sans my prostate, on September 22nd.

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