Wednesday, May 18, 2011

China Trip

We leave on May 31, 2011

Currently it is 7:50 AM in Lancaster PA and the current time in Shanghai is 7:50 PM.  That means in order to determine the current time in Shanghai, add 12 hours to east coast time.  Or conversely if  we are giving the time in Shanghai, deduct 12 hours to determine the time on the east coast.

May 31, 2011   Depart Baltimore to Toronto, Toronto non Stop to Shanghai.
June 1 - Shanghai
June 2 - Shanghai
June 3 - Fly from Shanghai to Wuhan, board ship for river cruise
June 4 - Yangtze River
June 5 - Yangtze River
June 6 - Yangtze River
June 7 - Yangtze River
June 8 - Disembark ship in Chongqing fly to Xian
June 9 - Spend day in Xian and fly to Beijing
June 10 - Beijing
June 11 - Beijing
June 12 - Beijing and fly to Toronto and then to Baltimore
June 13 - arrive home


  1. You guys are going to have such a great time! Jealous! Can't wait to see the pictures and hear all the trouble Gerry gets into.

  2. I assume you have an idea of some of the things you'd like to see in each city? Could you post about them? Also, did mom have a talk with you about the word oriental?